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WHUR & Sirius XM: Help For Newly-Married Couples

Radio Host Harold Fisher invited our Founder, Toni-Ann Craft, to be a guest on his highly-acclaimed show, The Daily Drum. The show aired live on WHUR and Sirius XM's HUR Voices on August 27, 2021. To spice the conversation up, we brought along two of our Friends with Rings Providers to join us on the segment–– Coach LB Brandenburg and Coach DeVon Artist.

They chatted about how Friends with Rings supports newly married couples and provides tools and resources to help members create a stable marriage. We had a great time answering listener questions and advising callers about marriage and healthy partnership.

"I had a great time chatting with Harold," stated Toni-Ann. "WHUR and The Daily Drum are essential to the Washington DC community. As a proud Howard University alumna, it was a pleasure to return to my roots, even if it was just via the airwaves."


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