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The New York Times: Her Members-Only Couples Network Is Also Group Therapy

What an honor it is to be featured in The New York Times! We were so excited to hear that they were interested in doing an article about Friends with Rings, which appeared on on January 12, 2022 called, Her Members-Only Couples Network Is Also Group Therapy. This article was also printed in the Sunday Styles section on January 16, 2022. It was entitled "Finding Married Friends, and Starting a Business."

In this article, our Founder, Toni-Ann Craft, shared her inspiration behind founding Friends with Rings and gave lots of juicy insights into the membership. The article highlighted the fantastic things Friends with Rings is doing, showcased our programming, and shared stories about the ebbs and flows of marriage and the tools we offer to help members create stable and sustainable marriages.

Toni-Ann stated, "Speaking to The New York Times about Friends with Rings was an entrepreneur's dream. It's proof that we are impacting not only the lives of our members but the community at large."


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