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About Us

In a world where swipes and clicks often replace sincere conversations, we recognized a need for genuine connections. Friends with Rings was born from the desire to create a haven for married couples seeking to forge lasting friendships with like-minded duos.


Say goodbye to the awkwardness of initiating friendships with other couples. At Friends with Rings, we curate an environment that encourages organic interactions. Through carefully designed social events and thoughtfully orchestrated gatherings, we provide the perfect backdrop for friendships to blossom naturally. Our warm and welcoming community sets the stage for you to forge connections that extend far beyond the screen.  


In addition to our vibrant community, Friends with Rings proudly offers a network of seasoned coaches and counselors. Our virtual support system is tailored to cater to the unique dynamics of your marriage. Whether you're navigating through rough patches or simply seeking guidance on maintaining the spark, our experts are here to lend an empathetic ear and provide actionable advice.

Welcome to Friends with Rings – where your journey is embraced, and your connections are celebrated.


Our Founder

Toni-Ann Craft is the Founder and Chief Marriage Support Mentor at Friends with Rings.


During the quarantine of 2020 she built the framework for a membership community that she wished existed in her own life, setting forth the birth of Friends with Rings.


She is an advocate for healthy relationships and is passionate about helping couples build stable and sustainable marriages. Toni-Ann is a Brand Marketing professional, a certified Relationship Coach, and a Marriage & Partnership Contributing Writer for––based on the hit docuseries on The Oprah Winfrey Network. 

Toni-Ann is a proud Howard University and Georgetown University alumna currently residing in New York City with her supportive and loving husband, Kenneth.

Our Mission

At Friends with Rings, we're dedicated to cultivating an intimate space where married couples can authentically connect. Through engaging events, compassionate support, and our signature course designed to teach couples how to build a stable marriage, our mission is to fortify relationships and foster meaningful friendships. Join us in reshaping togetherness and nurturing lasting connections, one ring at a time.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is a two-pronged approach: reducing divorce rates by building stable marital foundations for every member, and fostering genuine friendships that enrich the marriage journey.

Marriage is too difficult not to have a community of friends to lean on.

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