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​Our community is specifically designed for couples who have been married for eight years or less and have consciously decided to be intentional about their marriage.

We offer our members the tools and resources to help them build a stable marriage that will set them up for a happy, prosperous, and sustainable life together. Each month members gain access to brand new content which includes (but is not limited to) recorded Fireside Chats featuring an expert guest, group mentoring, downloadable worksheets, connecting questions, and access to our social platform to network with other like-minded couples.

In addition, members have access to the Friends with Rings Preferred Provider Network, which is our partnership between several counselors and coaches who offer their services to members at a pre-negotiated discounted rate. 

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Group Mentoring

Group mentoring workshops with Friends with Rings Founder

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Coaching & Counseling

Discounted services from our Preferred Provider Network

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Fireside Chats

Monthly Fireside chats featuring an expert guest

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Likeminded Community

Join our community via our member's only virtual platform

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7-Step Framework

The Power Couple's Ridiculously Stable Marriage Framework™

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Weekly Newsletter

The latest membership updates right to your inbox

Your membership gives you access to the following resources: 

Our 7-Step Framework

Friends with Rings - Ridiculously Stable Marriage Framework (Journey Map)

What is a Power Couple? A power couple is a couple who both compliments each other’s strengths and supports each other’s individuality. They work together to achieve their desired personal and professional goals and are considered role models when it comes to relationships.

Every member can become a power couple! Our unique framework is designed to help couples transform from auto-pilot to co-pilot and become intentional about their marriage's success. Members gain access to videos, worksheets, and audio content curated to help them identify, establish, and maintain stability in their marriage.

When you join Friends with Rings, you get instant access to our 7-step framework for building a stable and sustainable marriage. No matter where you are in your marriage our framework will provide the steps you need to set your marriage up for lasting success.


Stage 1: Transition From Autopilot to Co-Pilot Like a Power Couple

Take your marriage off autopilot and intentionally take control of its success.

Stage 2: Think Like a Power Couple

Self reflect to identify your core values as a couple.


Stage 3: Transform Your Communication Like a Power Couple

Build a lasting marriage with effective communication skills.

Stage 4: Tame Your Tongue Like a Power Couple

Learn to practice the art of healthy disagreement.

Stage 5: Tackle Your Finances Like a Power Couple

Assemble a plan to budget, save, pay off debt, and have a fiscally happy marriage.


Stage 6: Thrive with Boundaries Like a Power Couple

Safeguard your marriage by maintaining healthy boundaries.

Stage 7: Tend the Fire Like a Power Couple

Maintain passion and excitement in your marriage for years to come.

But let's face it...You have options

You can either stay stuck and unfulfilled in your marriage or get the right community and resources to help take control of your marriage's success. The choice is yours!

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What's the investment?

Monthly Investment

$70 per couple

Annual Investment

$700 per couple

(Two months free)

Become a Member Today

We look forward to welcoming you and your partner into the membership. If you're ready to put in the work to build a stable marriage, click the link below to become a member today. See you inside!

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