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Discover the Benefits of Membership

Unlock a world of connection, support, and growth with a Friends with Rings membership. Here's what's waiting for you:

Connect with Your Tribe:

Gain exclusive access to our vibrant, likeminded community of couples who share your journey and aspirations. Forge friendships that go beyond the surface and create lasting connections.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips:
Enjoy discounted access to a network of skilled coaches and counselors who understand the intricacies of relationships. Receive personalized support tailored to your unique needs.

Stay In-the-Know:
Receive our bi-weekly newsletter, packed with insightful articles, relationship tips, and community updates. Stay connected with the latest happenings in the Friends with Rings community.

Navigate with Confidence:
Access our comprehensive 7-Step Framework designed to provide you with practical tools and strategies to build a strong and resilient marriage. Navigate challenges together with newfound confidence.

Local Experiences (NYC Exclusive):
If you're in NYC, immerse yourself in our captivating in-person events. From intimate dinners to engaging meet-ups make memories and connections that transcend the digital world.

Dive into Member Interest Groups:
Join virtual member interest groups centered around specific topics or hobbies. Share experiences, advice, and passions with couples who resonate with your interests.


Rejuvenate Your Love:
Secure your spot at our annual in-person couples retreat. A chance to disconnect from the routine and rediscover your love in a picturesque setting, surrounded by couples who understand.


Join the Circle:

Become a part of a community where friendship, support, and growth intertwine. Friends with Rings membership is your passport to building a stronger, more fulfilling marriage.

Don't wait – embark on this journey of connection and transformation today.

Our 7-Step Framework

Friends with Rings - Ridiculously Stable Marriage Framework (Journey Map)

What is a Power Couple? A power couple is a couple who both compliments each other’s strengths and supports each other’s individuality. They work together to achieve their desired personal and professional goals and are considered role models when it comes to relationships.

Every member can become a power couple! Our unique framework is designed to help couples transform from auto-pilot to co-pilot and become intentional about their marriage's success. Members gain access to videos, worksheets, and audio content curated to help them identify, establish, and maintain stability in their marriage.

When you join Friends with Rings, you get instant access to our 7-step framework for building a stable and sustainable marriage. No matter where you are in your marriage our framework will provide the steps you need to set your marriage up for lasting success.

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